Everyone that opted for a deferral either from 2020 or 2021 will receive a code to register in early January 2022.

Your deferral registration and information are not automatically rolled over, meaning that you still need to register for the event. If you do not register for the 2022 event we do not have your information in our system from years past. 

To register for 2022, you need to access our registration page in Race Roster by clicking here, once you chose your distance and input all your information you will see the option to use a PROMO CODE. 

For people deferring from 2020, there will be no cost. 

People that opted to defer in 2021 will have to pay a fee of $50, as mentioned in our deferral policy. 

The deadline to use your deferral and promo code to ride in 2022 is March 15th.